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Knitting Instructions 

This is for beginner knitters who want to learn how to knit, or learn new stitches. Here's a few to get you started.

Casting On 


There are many ways to do this, I in particularly do not do it this way, but it's just as easy as my way!


This is the first most important thing to learn when knitting; you can't knit without it! 

The five most basic and popular stitches are:

"the knit stitch", (usually just abbreviated "K" in a pattern)
"the purl stitch", (sometimes just "P" in a pattern)
"knit 2 together" (which is sometimes K2tog in a pattern),
"yarn-over", (which is sometimes "yo" in a pattern"), and
"the stockinette stitch" (sometimes "st. st." or "stock. st." in a pattern)

Below are some other videos and instructions on how to do these stitches.

 The Knit Stitch

Here is a video that I found helpful when I was starting out. It will teach you how to cast on, and how to do the
Knit Stitch" - the easiest and most basic stitch of knitting, and it's all very visible. 




I found this video from

 The Purl Stitch

 I like to call this one the opposite of knitting. Instead of putting the right hand needle up behind the left hand needle, it's placed down and in front, with the string coming from the bottom front, rather than the top back.

 The "Knit 2 Together",
or K2tog 

This is really just a fancy term for decreasing, though it can be confusing as to when to decrease.

I couldn't find a video for this - I'm very sorry. However, I hope this does the trick for you.

To "K2tog", it's very simple. 
1. Instead of grabbing one stitch from the left hand needle with the right one, grab two, so you have two stitches that the needles are sharing.
2. Pull the yarn over the same way, putting the new, just one, stitch on the right hand needle.
3. Viola! You have one less stitch you are working with! 

The "Yarn Over" Stitch 

This is basically the opposite of K2tog, so this is really just increasing a stitch. 



I apologize for not being able to find a video for the increasing and decreasing in a knit, but I won't give up looking for one, until then, I hope these written out instructions (by me) help you in some way.

To Yarn Over:
1. Knit your first stitch (or however many the pattern tells you to knit before "yo" in your piece of work) 
2. Without your right hand needle being connected to the left by a stitch, simply pull the string that you would use to create a new stitch between the two free needles.
3. Knit another stitch regularly, so there are stitches before, and a stitch afterward.
4. Viola! You've created an extra stitch. When you go to knit the next row, you shouldn't have a problem adding it in!

The Stockinette Stitch 

This one confused me for the longest time, until once again I found a video to help me.

This is also called "The Stocking Stitch"

If you can do the Knit Stich and the Purl stitch, you are good to go! 

Using Double Pointed Knitting Needles (DPN's) 

This should help getting started making socks.  

Casting Off 

Here's to you! You've finished your first work! How do you get it off the needle?

It's simply, really. You knit two, and pull the bottom one from the right hand needle over the second stitch until you only have one stitch left. Cut the string, and pull it through to loop to secure it from unraveling.

Here's a video just in case! :)

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